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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  March 25, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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montgomery county mid-40s. rockville to gaithersburg we have a 30-degree temperature coming up in laytonsville and northern montgomery county, 39 degrees. mixture of 40s in many places. if you go to north, pax river is 49 degrees this morning. cloud cover will develop. mostly cloudy by noon. overcast by 5:00. 66 at noon and 68 at 5:00. we top out in the lower 70s an then we bring rain in the forecast and big changes for the temperatures coming our way. the forecast in 15 minutes. a spotlight on maryland in seven. right now traffic with angie. >> we are kicking off the 6:00 a.m. hour. will begin with delays at 95 northbound in virginia. slow from the prince william parkway to lorton. and again once you reach the fairfax county parkway to the backlick road exit.
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taking it to 395, the northbound trip, a little delay between duke and seminary. that's going to grow. live from south capital street and the suitland parkway, no major issues to report making your way in to the district. we do still -- we are keeping an eye on northbound bw parkway because at annapolis road we have confirmed there is crash activity out there. 270 southbound no complaints other than volume building between 118 germantown road to interstate 370. back to you. at the top of the hour, new developments in the health care reform battle. it's not over yet. while you slept, senate republicans were able to get a so-called fix it bill sent back to the house. kristin fisher is live to tell us what happened and what's next. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. we are talking about the health care reconciliation act. this is the bill which will make minor changes to the big health care reform bill that president obama signed in to
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law last tuesday. now, shortly after midnight this morning there was some debate as to whether or not this should happen -- they should vote on this last night instead of during normal business hours, but senate majority leader harry reid pushed hard to make it happen then and there. he made his case on the house floor. >> the house of representatives worked all weekend moving this issue along and i think we need to move this along and find out if they have to take any action on this tomorrow. , which is today. >> little confusion there as to what day it is exactly when you are working those late nights. 2:30 this morning senate republicans succeeded in finding two laws in -- flaws in the health care reconciliation package. both deal with pell grants for low-income college students. what this means is the package will have to go back to the house for congressional approval. this is something democrat were trying to avoid but let's be
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clear here. this does not affect the fact the president's health care reform plan is the law. these are only minor technical changes we are talking about. from the beginning, all it takes for the bill to be forced back to the house is for senate republicans to find one word, one flaw in that bill and very early this morning that's exactly what they did. once they vote on it will go 0 the house for a vote where it is expected to pass with no problems. this morning the fbi is investigating threats and violence against ten house democrats. they say they are being targeted because of he health care vote. with threats like these to michigan congressman bart stupak. >> i hope you die. >> there are millions of people across the country who wish you ill. >> you are cowardly. that's what you are.
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he change his vote from a no to a yes. >> these are threats either in person or through telephones or other communications devices have given great concern to members for the safety of themselves and their families. >> reporter: house republican leader john boehner issued a statement calling the threats unacceptable he says anger should only be taken out at the ballot box. part of the health care reform is fining you if you don't have health care but not in virginia. governor mcdonnell signed a law yesterday saying virginians can not be required to purchase coverage as part of the republicans effort to block the reform bill. as you know, virginia's attorney general is also suing to stop the reform. we have new information on that road ladies and gentlemen
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shooting on interstate 95 in virginia. we first told you about an arrest in the case yesterday. virginia state police tell 9 news now the suspect, 25-year- old gabe yell fired a dozen shots at another man. we learned that his truck hit his jaguar twice before the shots were fired. officials say this happened when with a 2-year-old daughter in the car. it. >> really shows you when you are angry how you can lose control of your emotions. and you can just forget your surroundings for a minute. police charged both men with reckless driving charges. prince william county school officials approved a new operating budget. the "washington post" is reporting the $760 million budget will cut more than 200 jobs, freeze salaries and increase class sizes. more than 700 jobs were
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expected to be cut but state funds helped to soften the blow. dc students are showing improvement in the classroom. a national report measuring the impact of the no child left behind law says fourth grade reading scores are up by 5%. the increase is the largest nationwide. dc public and charter schools still rank near the bottom of the state's testing. time for another living smart report. jessica doyle has new developments in the toyota recall. >> this is going to be the next major battle for toyota. we are talking about the avalanche of lawsuits that have hit the carmaker, costing potentially billions of dollars and the process moves forward today. a panel of federal judges in san diego will convene. among the question questions they will consider, whether to certify 100 toyota lawsuits as a national class action representing all affected toyota owners. toyota recalled 8 million vehicles worldwide over sudden
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unexpected acceleration the national highway traffic safety administration has linked 52 deaths to the accelerator problem. do you get poor cell phone reception at your house? pretty soon at&t will be able to help customers but it will cost you. it is rolling out bobs that can amplify service. the cost is $150 but rebates will also be offered. the next trip to the movies could cost you more. "wall street journal" reports new movie ticket prices take affect on friday in theaters owned by regal entertainment, cinemark and amc. it varies theater to theater you one is hiking prices 26%. we are talking about $20 a ticket for movies. go to see a movie. potentially with the changes in affect tomorrow. >> i feel a willie jolley moment, at least we don't leave in new york city where they are already sky high.
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oh my goodness. >> true. that's a lot of money, that date night is getting more expensive. >> we will wait for it to come out on dvd. >> yeah. an important recall for parents in case you missed it. the consumer product safety commission wants you to stop using the sling ride and a bellissimo baby sling. the company that makes them is working on a redesign. for information on the recall go to and we have details on the living smart page. still to come, why basic information on your facebook page could help hackers steal your identity. and in four minutes a new safety tool on metro. see how these electric carts work and what inspired first responders to invent them from scratch. right now our focus on p.a. more's weather and traffic.
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>> temperature right now, start with the district at 48 degrees, partly cloudy skies. here's the maryland forecast, temperatures in the 50s. 60s before too long. cloud cover building back in. and we could see a few showers, mainly after 10:00 tonight. if you are off to the eastern shore it will be after midnight we see the rain moving in to you in the western panel it could be in this evening. mild temperatures today but windy and colder tomorrow. happy birthday, maryland. how about a little present for you. good traffic on a lot of roads out there. a good example at bradley road and connecticut avenue. drivers are moving at speed. switch over and show you 355 and shady grove road. where's the traffic? fly southbound on 95 making your way past 32 through laurel. 198 to the beltway. it's a clear commute. back to you. if you want to get to the next level, think bigger than ever before. best-selling author and motivational speaker willie jolley says it will lead to
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more options and opportunities. good morning. this is willie jolley. today's live better tip for success is focused on helping you overcome this challenging economy. it is taken from my new book, "turning your setbacks into greenbacks." get a copy. you'll be glad you did. one of the keys to turning set backs in to green backs is think of new ideas and way to turn a set back in to a comeback. keep thinking. napoleon wrote a book think and become rich. if you explore new ideas you will be amazed at what you come up with. i believe problems are not always money problems but idea problems. the thinking that got you this far will not get you to the next level so you must think big, bold and better. think quantum leap and whatever you do keep thinking positive. how you think so shall you will be. this is willie jolley. visit my website at willie to learn secrets to turning your set bass tack
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backs in to incredible greenbacks and you will headache in the best day ever because you thought you could and you did. have a great day.
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rebaing. a heads up for all of you weekend drivers the chain bridge will be closed starting tomorrow night and it won't reopen until early monday morning. it will be closed to cars, bikes and pedestrians. crews will finish up the work they did last weekend. follow the message boards to alternate routes. thanks to homeland security grants, first responders in our region have a new way to help you in the event of a disaster on the metro. firefighters are showing off a new battery-powered rail cart. bruce leshan shows us how they work. >> all we know is we can't
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breathe. we need help now. >> i know. we do have help coming. >> we can't breathe, a desperate passenger pleaded to rescue workers stuck ten years ago in a stopped train in a smoky metro tunnel. >> it took an hour for firemen to get there. >> reporter: firefighters say 26 mobile emergency response vehicles like this one will help them to speed in to crises far faster. >> the oh day they did, they put it together and had it down the tracks in a minute and four seconds. >> they have carts now but they have to physically push them. it could take them as long as an hour to get to a scene. with this car they can go 12 miles an hour and get to the scene in minutes. >> triage from there and bring them out. >> get them to the hospital. >> that's what we are there for. >> reporter: after the sarin gas attacks 15 years ago in a tokyo subway, officials asked rescuers to invent a vehicle to get passengers out from deep
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under london in the tube. the carts were used extensively after the terrorists attacks of then london subway in 2005. arlington officials say they could have used one in a drill that had a train under the potomac between rosslyn and foggy bottom. >> it took 45 minutes to an hour to get to -- until we got there with a cart like this. we will be in five to ten minutes at the most. >> reporter: the carts will be stored at metro tunnels across the recrown john and for passengers in trouble they could make a huge difference. here's what is in the news now. president obama is asking congress for 2-point billion dollars to rebuild haiti. more than 1 million people were left homeless by the january earthquake. there will be a haiti donors conference in new york next week. dorothy height is reported
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in intensive care this morning. the "washington post" reports she is at howard university hospital. she turned 98 years old yesterday. the flooding threat in the dakotas isn't over yet. ice jams on the cheyenne river are breaking sending water downstream. many roads in the area are impassable. we say good morning to devon lucie. no complaints with our forecast yet. >> that's right. maybe the only complaint you can come with it, is a little cloudy and the winds picking up this afternoon. the temperatures are pretty good. looking at anywhere from the upper 30s to around 40s. by this afternoon the temperature will get all the way to 71. clouds building lout the day. partly cloudy skies this morning. mostly cloudy by noon. we will be overcast by this afternoon. and then the rain begins on the after 10:00. could see an isolated thunderstorm in the onset as storms shoot through. rain tomorrow. cold air is spilling in behind
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the front 51 tomorrow. rain cooled air and 52 on saturday. very chilly start though weekend. we will show you why the bus stop forecast, chilly, jacket, overcoat weather, something we can get to down to the short sleeve shirts for this afternoon. one or two clouds around. and the winds are light. not picking up until mid- morning, midday. winds 10 to 15 miles an hour, maybe a gust toward 20 so a bit breezy, too. winds come in overnight tonight it will really pick up. northwest breezes along with rain shower and embedded thunderstorm, 20 to 30-mile an hour winds for friday. it is a cold blustery day our current temperatures from upper 30s to lower to mid-40s. we will show you the satellite and radar forecast and go right to it. a live look at what's going on. here's the forecast of satellite-radar projection. the overcast skies. front moving in from the north. the rain after 00, 10:00
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tomorrow morning. it will be a morning commute. it will be a rainy one and then the cold air is filling in behind it. it will be cold arctic air this time. instead of air coming through the united states, it starts to moderate a bit. it is mild air. these temperatures could be freezing by saturday morning. some outer areas might be even a hard freeze. we will watch it closely. contending with the rain overnight through tomorrow morning and then more rain in to the second half of the weekend. that will be on sunday afternoon and sunday evening. the first part of sunday the morning is looking decent. saturday morning that you want to get your activities in outdoors. it will be a crisp, cool spring day, starting near freezing in many cases only up to 52. take away from the forecast it will be an all right today today, albeit breezy with a southwest wind. big changes with the rain overnight through tomorrow morning. meaning if you have changes that rain would mean you have to do something for the morning
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commute know you have to do that today. >> thank you very much. we will take a look at the delays across the region. beginning with the beltway on the outer loop in maryland. slow university to georgia. plus five to ten minutes for that. moving over to route 4, branch avenue and crane highway. typical traffic we see at this time, 20 minutes after the 6:00 hour. on 395, looks like a delay between edsall and seminary. overall drive time is ten minutes and growing. the beltway in virginia remains incident and accident free on the outer loops. and the inner loop between 95 and 66. end with the travel times. looks like the dulles toll road is in the again from 674 to the beltway. and northbound on dc 295 to the 11th street bridge a seven- minute commute and arrows pointing up means it is getting
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longer. public libraries are becoming busy places these days, not for books but for computers. a study from the gates foundation finds 77 million americans use computers at the public library. we use them to look for jobs, send e-mails and surf the web. americans below the poverty line are the biggest user of library computers. hackers don't have to break in to your computer to steal your pass words. computer safety experts say a lot of times they can find it on your facebook page. things like birthdays, middle names york mother's maiden name a lot of times they are sitting there wait for everyone to see. we spoke to a security expert and got hi solution. >> reporter: one thing is always pen and pepper, so you have certain pass words keep them on a pen and paper, keep that with you, i wouldn't say in your wallet but maybe at your desk at home already one other piece of advice, change your passwords every three
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months. the easy way to do that is to change them once a season. while you are on facebook won't why don't you become a fan of ours, go to 9. join our facebook community. sports is up next and it was a thrilling end to the game between the capitals and penguins. in four minutes, see who menched a hero
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. it's time for the men's ncaa tournament after a few days break. tonight the sweet 16 begins and by the end of the week down to the final four.
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one team close to our region is left and it plays tonight. tonight you will see just after 7:00, wave were taking on washington. the same game is in new york. after that you will see cornell against kentucky. check out your brackets by going to the hoops frenzy page at now with the rest of the morning sports here's brett haber. good morning. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. sydney crosby has two things ovetch win wants a gold medal and stanley cup. last night they informed the reigning champs we are coming from you. the arch men enemies at the phone booth. tied at two in the third. the redirection from eric. and penguins sent it to a shootout. caps down 2-0 in the shootout. bean then the fourth, mike for the win. ball game caps.
6:25 am
they win 4-3 and beat the pens the third time this year. a day after the flip saunders andre match blowup tempers cooled. there he is and baseline turn around for his 21 but a drop in the bucket. granger on the inbounds gets the ball back and nasty two of his 31. wizards lose their 13th straight effort spring baseball last night. nats and yankees. a-rod facing levo and that is as far as you can hit a ball without it going over the fence. it scored johnson. yankees beat the nats 3-1. that's a look at morning sports. have a great day. in three minutes it is tax tip thursday. we have a way to get free professional advice today. jessica doyle has what you need to know. clouds are moving in but around 70 degrees later today. ahead devon lucie has a sneak
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peek at the weekend. stay with us. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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here's a look at the cherry blossoms at the tidal basins. more and more pink showing you
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have every day. today festival organizers will hold a press conference to talk about enhanced visitors services for this year's festival. it kicks off saturday and we will have a preview of the event. learn the best spots to explore these beautiful natural wonders. thank you for starting your thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is off today. devon lucie is on the weather terrace with the latest on the forecast. >> hi there. it is bordering on a cool, chilly start. winds are calm. so that is making it feel better. temperatures where you are. official lip at national 48 degrees. at reston we have gone up a degree. a couple of 30s around the beltway. show you other temperatures as we go from southern pennsylvania. 30s showing up there and 30s out west in maryland. we have salisbury at 37. 9:00, noon and 5:00, i made adjustments down to 49 degrees at 5:00. and back up to the 60s by at
6:31 am
least noon. it is topping in the 70s. i have a spotlight on virginia's forecast in the evening ising aminutes. we are half way through the six hour. and right now 270 southbound. we are pretty much jammed from father hurley to montross. no incidents or accidents but plus 15 minutes making your way to the split. virginia 66, also below speed. in two spots i will go ahead and tell you, despite not having the camera. 50 to the vienna metro you are slow nutley to the capital beltway. on 395, travelers are delayed from the beltway to seminary and looks like in the hov lanes near the pentagon we have a report of a disabled vehicle. and then you are once again slow across the 14th street bridge. a steady slow go on 95 northbound. plus 15 minutes from the prince william parkway to backlick. back to you. we get to the big topic of the week health care reform.
6:32 am
the effort by virginia's attorney general to stop the president's plan is turning in to a war of word in in the commonwealth. ken cuccinelli says the democrats ' plan is unconstitution am and he filed a lawsuit to stop it. democrats saw the lawsuit as a waste. ken cuccinelli believes he's correct. >> there are plenty of important things we do in our office but it is hard to argue there is anything more important than defending the constitution of the united states in the commonwealth of virginia. >> virginia will lose the lawsuit and with it hundreds of thousands of dollars in terms of man hours that the attorney generals office will put in to this effort. virginia is one of a dozen states filing to block the reform. a victory for reform opponents, they got a fix it bill sent back to the house. kristin fisher is live to tell us what this means. >> even before the president signed his health care reform bill in to law on tuesday,
6:33 am
senate republicans have been trying to find flaws in the health care reconciliation act. this is a compromise bill to that main health care reform bill. senate republicans only needed to find one word, one flaw in order to get that bill sent back to the house. early this morning that's exactly what they did. shortly after midnight, there was some debate whether or not the senate would call it a day and wait to tackle this during normal business hours instead of at 2:00 in the morning. listen to this exchange between mitch mcdonnell and majoritier leader reid that took place on the senate floor shortly before midnight. >> we can either don't to vote tonight or set a reasonable time in the morning after everyone's had a chance to get some sleep. >> i know there's other things that we have to deal with before we leave here i'm not concerned with those at this stage. i want to finish this leg and i
6:34 am
want to do that as quickly as we can. >> reporter: around 2:30 this morning senate republicans did succeed in finding two flaws in the health care reconciliation package that violate budget rules. what this means is the package will have to go to the house for final congressional approval. let's be clear here, this does not affect the fact that the health care reform plan is now the law of the land. these are minor technical changes to the reconciliation act or that companion package. the senate, now what will happen today is the senate will reconvene at 9:45 this morning where they will vote on the bill and then it will go to the house for an immediate vote where it is expected to pass with no problem. so where's the president? all of this? well, he is heading to iowa this morning to sell his health care reform plan to the public. in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. the fbi is investigating threats and violence against
6:35 am
health care reform supporters. one alleged crime aimed at virginia democrat tom perriello. police think they cut a gas line at the home of his brother. they may have thought it was the congressman's home. no one was hurt. investigators believe a murder suspect killed himself right in front of onlookers. police were called to quincy and 15 streets in arlington yesterday afternoon for reports of a man with a gun. they say the man shot himself in the head when police arrived. they now suspect the man fatally shot a woman yesterday morning in mount vernon. >> detectives will work together to identify the suspect and see if the evidence links him to the homicide. >> reporter: police have not yet released the name of the woman killed in the shooting in mount vernon. a dairy processor in frederick, maryland says it sent tainted chocolate milk to a local school by mistake. the chemical in the milk was
6:36 am
nontoxic. the frederick news post says six cases were delivered to west frederick middle school. at least two students who drank the milk became nauseous but will be okay. the chemical is used as a sanitizing rinse. it is tax tip thursday. jessica doyle is here to answer your taxing questions for free. what do you have for us? >> we have a lot of options for free tax advice going on today. we have a recommendation, if you haven't done your taxes yet, three weeks to go. do it this weekend. now to the question, monica asks in the tax tip thursday mail bag, i didn't do my taxes a few years ago. i usually get a refund, which when is it too late too file? good question, monica. you may have money coming your way. you must file your return by april 15th of this year. the irs rule is you have three years from the date the original return was due to get
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your refund. if you missed that deadline you miss out on the money owed to you. here's something that could save you serious money on your taxes. the american opportunity credit is worth up to $2,500 and may be claimed for college expenses paid in 2009. the threat is food good for 100% of expenses up to $2,000, plus 25% of the next in expenses and applies to all four years of college. and we aren't the only ones offering free tax advice. if you have a question to have answered today, h&r block is offering free advice noon to 11:00 p.m. call 866-hr-block or e-mail tax and i will continue to answer your questions as we get closer to april 15th. e-mail me at >> she will be here when you
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file those extenses. a new airline is showing itself off at dulles airport. the airline is called open skies can. it is a subsidiary of british airways. starting in may it will fly business class only jets from here to paris. it already flies out of new york. only 80 people will be on each flight. a round trip ticket starts at around $1,600. right now our focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's devon deafen. good day for flying. >> we have some clouds that will limit visibility. so visibility rules, going to instrument rules later on tonight. i will start in the district. we will take our temperatures as we go to virginia, some 70s well in the 70s as we go south of here. here's where we are by 9:00. fairfax up to 66. nearly 70 degrees. fredericksburg and richmond mid- 70s. looks like we will bring rain in for virginia overnight
6:39 am
tonight. that's the virginia weather. let's get caught up on traffic. >> begin with a look at fairfax, virginia. route 50 and 29 light volume here. no traffic incidents to report. if you are taking 29 in. we take you to lee highway and harrisson street. all is a go. and we are traveling highway above the gw parkway making your way from the beltway past the scenic overlook to the 14th street bridge. nothing but green car. we have a nice, clean commute. it is 6 listen 39. happy thursday, everybody. 9 news now will be back after this break.
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we're back with some hoops in georgetown. members of congress took on the law school faculty. the event raises money for the washington legal clinic for the homeless. some of the district's best high school students learned hard work really does pay off.
6:43 am
nine of them received full four- year scholarships to george washington university. audrey barnes has more on these big honors ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it had the feel of a ballou high school pep rally but what this crowd was celebrating was dreams come true. >> hailing from my alma mater mr. nicholas kelly from school without walls. >> reporter: nine scholarships were dolled out to the district's top high school students to attend one of the district's best universities, george washington. >> he was born at gw hospital and he will be there again. give it up for isaiah west. >> the crowd went crazy when isaiah got a full ride to gw he'd like to be a surgeon someday. >> it can happen. all you have to do is work hard and make sure you believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you. >> he earned it. he really did every second of
6:44 am
it. >> reporter: mohammad is -- she is the third sibling in her family to receive a scholarship to gw. >> money is not an issue. i don't have to worry about that in me back of my mind. >> reporter: her mom and dad have made raising gifted and talented kids to an art form. >> be close to your children. >> reporter: these scholarships are a huge financial commitment for george washington university. $16million to 125 kids in the last 21 years and now the latest group of recipients is on the way. audrey barnes, 9 news now. >> congratulations to them. good to see their hard work paying off so well. good morning. >> goodgood morning, andrea. good to see hour hard work paying off. we have had to go through a struggling, cold, snowy winter. mild days are coming our way. beautiful beautiful first weekend that we had here to start spring. today will be looking good, too. mild temperatures. but we have to deal with cloud
6:45 am
cover building in. good news we have a full day before the rain comes in. that's going to be tonight. by my calculation it will be after 10:00 we see the rain in washington. out west it will be earlier. and still a chance some of the rain coming in could put a thunderstorm around the region. much colder air spilling in. i have made adjustments to the forecast tomorrow. i don't think we get above 50 degrees. 48 degrees with clearing late in the day and back in the lower 50s with still tons of sunshine on saturday. we'll show you why. bus stop forecast as we get the kids out this morning, sunrise 7:03 in the morning, correct that, 7:04, sometimes hard for me to see. it is jacket or pullover weather with but with 70 degrees this afternoon we have to make sure we have attire to keep us cooler at that time, too. a few clouds for the rest of this. winds pick up this afternoon. breezy and gusts are higher but that gets up to the upper 60s i
6:46 am
think lower 70s for most. the rain after 10:00. might be a thunderstorm in there. an watch out for this. when the cold front passes through overnight tonight, winds will adjust and switch to the northwest and they will be very gusty and windy from the northwest, 20 to 30 miles an hour and gusts higher possibly. 40 in the current washington temperature. 39 man naysays. satellite and weather here live. we are showing you the cloud cover. a few breaks right now. i have stopped it here. there's the overcast skies coming in. a chance of rain after 10:00 and rain through tomorrow morning. so the rain not only tonight but making for a commute tomorrow that will be a wet one. it is not going to be real heavy rain. looking at steady, moderate rain coming in. combination of a front to the
6:47 am
north. temperature from the south. and then the cold air from canada instead of what we call pacific cold fronts coming in. the air is modified over the central u.s. it is coming out of canada. that means a cold afternoon for tomorrow. and cold say day also on saturday. even though we won't see anything in the way of precipitation. high temperatures i brought up to 71 here in washington. a couple of upper 60-degree temperatures. if you are not close to 70 degrees, you will be close to it. rain and a thunderstorm tomorrow morning. if you have something to do this week saturday will be the day to do it. more rain by sunday afternoon. first part of sunday n the morning hours okay. the rain holding off until the afternoon. and after we get through these two little systems next week is looking fine. the changes are coming. warm day today. breezy by afternoon but the rain ushering in much colder air on the and rain lasting
6:48 am
through tomorrow morning. good morning. we are 13 minutes from the 7 hour. glad you could join us early on this thursday. we will begin with the 95 delays. perhaps the biggest one we have got out there. an extra 10 to 15 minutes from prince william parkway to backlick. no accidents or incidents along the way. if you are continuing on to 395, expect to slow down once you hit the beltway to seminary and looks like a disabled vehicle in the hov lanes are clear and looks like the 14th street bridge will be lowe slow across that. virginia's inner loop is filling out braddock to 6. good amount of volume there. 270, we take you to a shot of that at father hurley. heavy from this point to the split. maybe an extra 10 to 15 minutes for that and another extra 15 minutes for if you are traveling the outer loop and making it through the crawl that stretches from 95 to georgia avenue.
6:49 am
in the district, trash inspectors can write you a ticket and the city wants them writing more. the department of public works has 36 inspectors. they wrote 14,000 tickets last year for things like putting trash cans out at the wrong time or failing 0 curb your dog. they want them to write a dozen tickets a day or they could lose their jobs. vdot plans to open new lanes on interstate 66 by next week. the stretch is between exit 43, which is route 29 in gainesville to exit 44, the route 234 bypass. this month's rains delayed today's scheduled opening. by next week you will have three lanes and one hov lane in both directions. in sports the men's ncaa basketball tournament resumes only the. it is the sweet 16 and this is the place to catch all the action. tonight at 7:27, you'll see west virginia against washington. and then in the late game, it is kentucky and cornell. track all of the action on the
6:50 am
hoops frenzy page at in the men's nit the end of the road for virginia tech. the hokies bested a 12-point lead in blacksburg. tech loses to rhode island 79- 72. last nights game between the capitals and penguins went to a shootout and the here rope, a player who had never scored a shootout goal. >> he can win it right now. he scores! >> reporter: mike's goal is a game winner. caps beat the dreaded penguins 4-3. the wizards have tied a franchise record and not the good kind. they lost their 13 t street game last night falling to the pacers 99-82. they can break the record tomorrow night in charlotte. let's hope they don't. it is 6:50. 48 degrees here in northwest washington. a federal disaster declaration from last month's snowstorm.
6:51 am
in three minutes, that what that means for the district.
6:52 am
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it's 6:54 this thursday morning. here's what is in the news now, changes to president obama's health care reform must now go back to the house. senate republicans altered language in it early this morning. the gop hopes to take more apart the this house. democrats call it a minor glitch. no comment from former maryland governor ehrlich on a report he made up his mind about november. those reports say he will run against o'malley and will kick off his campaign next month. president obama signed a disaster declaration for the snowstorm last month. that means the feds will reimburse the district for some of the money it spent and more money could be available later. the clouds are starting to build in and a mild afternoon despite the clouds and breezy at times. 66 at noon and 68 at 5:00.
6:55 am
i will cover the rain showers coming in tonight and a full seven-day forecast when we return.
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪[ music ] culture everywhere you go. imagine going to the grocery store and getting that. an opera breaking out many the middle of the produce section. that's what happened yesterday at a whole foods in baltimore. members of the washington opera's young artist program dressed as store worker and when they broke out in to song, one about drinking and love, you can see the shoppers really enjoyed it. they will appear this weekend with the baltimore symphony.
6:59 am
about life, love and produce. >> i think it is a tossup between this video and the dancing cop in the middle of the roadway. >> yes, yes. >> pretty good stuff there. >> 66 eastbound. let's talk about the traffic and how it is slowing down. 23 minutes total drive time from 234 to route 9 centreville and an extra 15 from 50 to the beltway. 270 is jammed father hurley to he split. an extra 20 minutes for that and live from 14th and independence. no tieups to report. >> seven-day forecast, mild day today. we will have showers and storms possible after 10:00. much colder tomorrow. blustery, windy, temperatures might actually drop in to the mid-40s after the front passes tomorrow afternoon. >> plus, for wall street it looks like we might head higher at the opening well bell. the "early show" ha


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